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To stay ahead in business you need traffic, increasing sales and strong brand authority. With expert SEO marketing we help small businesses get top search engine rankings.

Get More Traffic, Make More Sales, Build Brand Authority

Targeted traffic leads to more sales which leads to brand authority for your business. Your goal is to live it. Our goal is to get you there. 

Sunshine Coast Search Engine Optimisation Experts

SEO Consulting

If your business is on the Sunshine Coast then consult with us about your SEO needs.

Messenger Marketing

Add another level to your traffic conversion with Facebook and Instagram direct messaging.

SEO Marketing Tools

To get to the top, you need to know where you are right now. Get a FREE site audit (normally $129.00).

How Do I Increase My Search Engine Ranking?

Every business with an online presence wants to know the answer to this question.
Unfortunately there is no simple answer...BUT, there are 3 pillars that if followed, give your website the best chance possible to reach, and maintain, high search engine rankings across multiple keywords

On-Site/On-Page SEO

  • Tag & Header Structure  
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Image Optimisation
  • Title & Descriptions
  • Content Strategy

Technical SEO

  • Site Speed
  • Site Schema
  • Site Security
  • Site Compliance
  • Site Reputation

Off-Site/Off-Page SEO

  • Citation Building  
  • Link Building
  • Web 2.0 & GMB
  • Social Backlinks
  • Competitor Analysis

Get the 3 pillars right, and you WILL GET RESULTS

About SEO Artillery

I know what it takes to optimise a website to gain exposure and Google ranking.


The best sound a business can hear is the phone ringing. SEO Artillery uses high-level, SEO techniques to bring traffic to your site and then conversion optimisation tactics to convert the traffic into phone calls.

Our business had a major increase in enquiries and bookings since you commenced work with us. Northland Storage Units has never had a higher occupancy rate prior to your involvement.

Greg Coleman

How Do I Get Started With Local SEO?

The first thing you need to do is call us. We can then set up a time to go through your site to see EXACTLY what it might need RIGHT NOW and for the future. Then we can work out a plan to get you there.

Follow These 3 Steps

Call Us


Call us on 0439 787 139 to discuss your requirements.

Set Up A Time To Talk


Set up a time to talk about your site and your business needs.

Implement The Plan


Create a plan that will change your website into a traffic machine.

Best Local SEO Services Agency Sunshine Coast

Some businesses struggle when massive traffic starts flowing to their sites. So having great SEO is not just about making your website more visible in Google, it's also about preparing your business to convert the traffic AND having the capability to handle the extra load on your business assets.

So This Is How We Add Rocket Power To Your Website

Audit & potential

  • Full website audit and keyword rankings potential
  • Structure audit and schema code analysis

Competitors & Site

  • Competitor review and opportunity analysis
  • Site code and content check for Google compliance

site speed & analytics

  • Browser and site speed checks and optimisation
  • Google Analytics, Search Console and site map checks

Social signals & security

  • Social media properties optimisation
  • Security setup and mobile friendliness optimisation

gmb & reputation

  • Google My Business set up and optimisation
  • Reputation management and repair

rank tracking & backlinks

  • website, keyword, ranking tracking and reporting
  • Implement additional off-site SEO opportunities

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What Clients say

Chris Pye A Single Step Headshot

I'm more than delighted with how Aaron transformed my website and online presence. I am now so much more visible and attractive to prospective clients.

Chris Pye

Robin Storey Author Ghostwriter And Life Story Writer Head Shot small

I now hold the number one (or at least top 2 or 3) spot for all my main keywords and best of all, I'm getting more clients. I thoroughly recommend SEO Artillery to any business that wants their website to perform.

Robin Storey

Case Studies


What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so that it can be found by people searching for specific keywords and to help a website rise to the top of the search engines by creating authority for the site.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines like Google have programs (algorithms) that check for thinks like structure, keywords, links and site speed, plus hundreds more data points to compare sites against each other to find the most "relevant" one based on the user's "search intent" (keywords).

Why Should I Hire An SEO Expert?

An SEO expert will optimise your site to conform to the requirements of the search engines (and your customer's) wants. They know how to do it faster and cheaper than you could yourself. Hiring an expert is the best money your business can spend.

How Long Does It Take To Rank?

The search engines have to "learn" what your site is about. It can take time for this to happen (or it can happen quickly) depending on factors such as site age, structure, keywords, your competition and other factors.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO is an investment into your business therefore the cost will vary on how much SEO you do, and for how long you want to continue doing SEO. The best answer is that you never stop doing SEO because it is ultimately the best way to improve your business, therefore the cost should become a standard item in your budget.

Examples Of SEO Services Pricing?

A quick review and fix job for a website might cost $500-$1000 depending on how bad it is. To ensure that a website has some sort of SEO longevity, then 6 months at $1,000 per month should be a reasonable amount. To do continuous, serious SEO then a budget of $2,000 per month should be planned for.

Does My Business Need SEO?

Yes it does. If you want to be found by potential customers searching the internet then SEO is the best way to ensure that your website stays relevant and visible. Advertising is great for "specific" needs, but SEO wins the long-term battle. And if you're not doing it, you can bet your competitors are.

Why Should I Trust You With My SEO?

There are some dodgy SEO outfits out there and even some of the good ones can sometimes drop the ball. The dodgy ones end up dying and the good ones try to fix their issues (at least you'd hope so). If you've had a bad experience but you still understand the power of SEO, then call me on 0439 787 139 and talk to me. Tell me about it. I'll do my best to find a solution for you whether it's through my services or someone better suited for your business and industry.