Simply The BEST Backlinks, At The BEST Price

And Delivered Through A System So Simple, Your Pet Could Do It.

Why Backlinks?

Put simply, quality backlinks build authority and ranking for your website. And now you can get them easily through SEO Artillery's unique's relationship with QGP (Quality Guest Posts). Matching technology, with human oversight, to create your competitive edge.

Website Authority

Search engines LOVE sites that can prove their authority over the competition. Good quality, high traffic backlinks acheive this.

Consistent Rankings

Without backlinks, your website will struggle to rank for your main keywords. Backlinks support the site SEO and boost your keywords in the search results.

It's Never Been Simpler

Before QGP, getting quality backlinks was simply PAINFUL, time consuming AND costly. Now, you choose what you want from a simple dashboard. EASY!

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Once upon a time, getting a backlink for your website that was actualy going to help the site, was a long and involved process. You had to trawl the internet, searching for potential sites that would be willing to backlink to you AND had enough traffic to make it worthwhile. THEN you had to contact them and try to organise a mutual agreement. It could literally take months. And then you'd have to do it all again to get another one from a different site. It was also very expensive in terms of time and money, PLUS, you would be the one who had to provide the content (guest post article).

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...and Now

SEO Artillery has been partnered with a company called Quality Guest Posts for a number of years. Initially, this company was an "invite only" organisation and we were very lucky to have discovered them and been invited into their ecosystem in 2015. After years of deliberation, they have now opened up to the public through intermediaries like us. Getting a backlink now is just a matter of using their super simple dashboard to select the type of link you want, based on the specific parameters you choose, like volume of traffic, or domain age for example. Just make your selections, and place your order. They do all the work (even writing the article using REAL humans, not AI). It truly couldn't be simpler or more cost effective. 

How Quality Backlinks Works

Step 1 - Choose Backlink Type

Here you choose whether you want a Guest Post written on an appropriate blog for your market, or you want a Niche Edit, where your link gets inserted into an already existing blog. In the future, Homepage links will also be available. 

Step 2 - Choose Website Power

You have a number of choices here which essentially lets you choose how much you would like to spend and what that cost gets you in terms of exposure. 

Step 3 - Choose Insertion Type

This is new and super powerful. You can choose between a standard backlink, a Google Map embed, a NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number and Website) embed or a Youtube Video embed. This feature gives you a much greater backlink range than is available anywhere else online.

Step 4 - Select Client or Project

This is essentially your business, or if you operate as an agency, your client's business. You set up these profiles in your account dashboard. 

Step 5 - Search Domains

Another unique feature of QGP and one of the most powerful online. You use the search options to choose the exact types of domains you want your link on, based on features like age, keywords in title, domain rating and other characteristics, to ensure you get the absolute best outcome. This saves weeks of work on your behalf and each of the domains has be vetted by QGP, so you know they are the best. 

Step 6 - Configure Article

This option gives you the flexibility around the size of the article (in words), number of images, number of links and keywords you want to use in the article. You can add extras and even leave special instructions for the QGP staff. The flexibility is outstanding.

Step 7 - Review & Edit

As the name suggests, here you review and edit your selections and when you're happy you simply place your order. QGP then notifies you when the article has been created and is available as a live link (usually from 2-4 weeks given that everything is done manually and goes through quality control checks).  While they are doing the heavy lifting, you can spend your time on other money-making tasks.

Two Easy Ways To Buy Quality Backlinks

Call Us

Just call us to discuss your needs and we'll work out the best way to get your backlinks. We can do it for you or set you up with an account.

Create Your Own Account

Click the button below to create your own QGP account. Use the Coupon Code AARON to get 10% off your first order.

Happy Customers

Sarah Pye Author Speaker Environmentalist SEO Study

Sarah Pye


I always get SEO Artillery to find the best quality backlinks for me and now with the new QGP interface, I can actually do it myself too. It's made life so much easier (and cheaper) for growing my website traffic. 

I'm a writer, not technically inclined, so just thinking about SEO and backlinks does my head in. But even I can order a backlink using the new QGP system and I have to tell you, that is truly something for me. If I don't have the time, and really, it only takes seconds now, I just ask SEO Artillery to do it for me.


Robin Storey Author Ghostwriter And Life Story Writer Head Shot small

Robin Storey


Why QGP 3.0 Is Simply The Best Backlink Service Ever

SEO Artillery have been using the QGP backlink service for our clients for years. We converted to them after going through the "traditional" process of backlink creation which quite frankly, drove us, and our clients, crazy.

It was slow, monotonous, unreliable and costly (both in time and money). And it was very hard to get good quality backlinks with high traffic and high authority even after all that work.

Now, it's just a matter of selecting what we want from QGP's massive inventory, and then placing an order. So much cheaper for our clients and quicker too. Now our clients get a wider variety of backlinks at a lower cost and their websites are ranking faster and creating more money for them. It's a complete WIN.

Check out QGP's Features

Data Driven

Instead of guessing, you now have a scientific approach to link building. Your ability to filter and choose exactly what YOU want helps to give the search engines what THEY want.

Real Websites

There are over 70,000, hand-picked websites and blogs in multiple niches and industries for you to choose from. Just sort and select. It's never been easier or more cost effective, ever.

Domain Filtering

Choose the domains and pages relevant to your needs, based on keywords, titles, descriptions, domain age, topical trust flow and volume of traffic. You get exactly what you want.

Real-Time SEO

In real-time, QGP's system updates the SEO metrics of every site and page in its inventory so that you know the data is always fresh and is exactly what you need. Relevant sites, every time.

Multiple Links

You have the ability to create not only "normal" backlinks, but also link insertions (niche edits), Youtube embeds, Google map embeds, NAPW (Name, Address, Phone and Website) embeds.


QGP's Anti-Footprint System ensures your link is unique, both at content level and network level. There's zero chance of duplicates. You can't do this with backlinks in the normal way. 



So What Are You Waiting For? 

The BEST backlinks, at the BEST price, quickly and easily. There's simply no better way to build website authority and traffic.

Buy Quality Backlinks FAQ

Are Backlinks Worth The Money?

Yes. But it depends on the quality and the source. A low quality link from a private blog network (PBN) in a non-tier 1 country (for example - Pakistan) is significantly less powerful that a high quality link from a niche-specific, high ranking, high traffic, tier 1 country (United States for example) website. Our links come from the latter. You will find the cost of our links super competitive when you take into consideration the above information.

Do I Need To Spend Thousands Per Month?

No. A single, $200 per month link from a quality site each month will keep your website ticking over nicely and steadily increase its traffic. You can set thgis up yourself easily on the QGP website.

What Is QGP (Quality Guest Posts)?

QGP 3.0 is an enterprise-grade software platform backed by a 100% manual backlinking service. This means you get the power of technology combined with human oversight. There's no potentially damaging AI running with this service.

Can I Pre-Approve The Domains I Want?

Yes. The new QGP interface allows you to make a selection to pre-approve domains before the articles are written.

What Type of Links Can I Get?

There are two main types of links. A standard backlink, which is a link inside a newly written article, and a niche edit, which is a link inside an existing article. Homepage links is a service that will be coming soon.

Is Artificial Intelligence Used With These Backlinks?

No. All services are 100% manually created. No AI is used anywhere, not even in content creation. Nothing is published until it has been approved by humans and nothing is published automatically.

Can SEO Artillery To Do The Ordering For Me?

Of course. Just let me know what you want and I'll put it through the system.

Do You Work With Private Blog Networks?

QGP has access to over 70,000 hand-picked, websites and more than 15,000 third-party private blog networks. No one else on the internet has this volume of quality site selections.