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Why Run A Website Audit Checklist?

There are many reasons why your website might not be visible to potential customers on Google and performing an SEO audit is how you find out. It could be slow site speed, lack of good keywords, bad mobile experience or simply poor site structure. Using an seo analyzer is the FIRST step to fixing the problem.

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Why Should I Get An
SEO Audit Report?

A website audit is like that little pin on a map that says "you are here". Once you know the current status of your site, then you know what you need to do to get it back on track.

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If you don't know where you are, how can you possibly know where you're going?

An SEO audit will check your site SEO, its content and the conversion and technical aspects, and show you what to prioritise to make it better.

What Does My SEO Analyzer Report Tell Me?

Your SEO analyzer audit report will pin-point the 12 main factors that affect Google ranking as shown in the grid below.

It will show you what is working well for you but also highlight what to do to fix issues and improve your overall website structure.

Seo Score SEO Audit

SEO Score

An overall score out of 100 so you can see the current state of your website.

Title Structure SEO Audit

Title Structure

Checks to ensure your site will be found for what you want it to be found for.

Image Optimisation SEO Audit

Image Optimisation

Checks to ensure your images are correct as per SEO requirements.

Content Aspects SEO Audit

Content Aspects

Analyses content to see if it looks good, reads well, and is SEO compliant.

Keyword Research SEO Audit

Keyword Research

How your keywords are currently distributed on your pages and how well they match your SEO intent.

W3 Compliance SEO Audit

W3 Compliance

Whether your site matches W3 compliance and HTML validation.

Security Site Speed Scores

Security & Site Speed

Checks your site for security aspects and how well it scores on desktop and mobile devices.

Social Signals SEO Audit

Social Signals

Checks how well your site is set up for social signalling and sharing.

Page Analysis Domain Authority Score

Domain Authority

Our SEO Audit shows you how your site looks to sites like MOZ to see how popular it is.

URL Safety SEO Audit

URL Safety

Whether your site's url has been blacklisted or not.

Passed Improved Errors SEO Audit

Passed & Improved

How many elements of your site have a pass score, what to improve and errors to fix.

Code Signals SEO Audit

Code Signals

How your code looks to Google and what you need to do to improve it.

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